WE ARE ....

Two cousins – Barry Allen (aka Bazza to his family and friends) and Si Kelly.

Both of our Dads collected therefore we were introduced to hobby at a very early age – Bazza was still in nappies while Si started his collection when he was seven!

We have always shared our knowledge and experiences of collecting with each other, but back in 2013, we started to combine forces buying and selling.

As time went on, things started to develop and what was just a bit of part -time fun slowly and surely became a full-time passion.

Frustrated by our “9 to 5’s”, and after the passing of some close family members in the space of three months, we decided to throw caution in the wind and become full time collectors and purveyors mid-2016.

We christened ourselves “Toy Detectives” as we were constantly tracking down bargains and hunting for those elusive collectable toys on the internet, at swap meets, second hand stores and auction houses – as we ventured into these Aladdin’s Caves, we could never decide which of us was Starsky or Hutch; Morse or Lewis; Bodie or Doyle or even sometimes ……. Dumb or Dumber!!

We both enjoy putting pen to paper or finger to a keyboard (Bazza has had articles published in several motoring magazines!) and we began writing about our thoughts and experiences of collecting back in early 2015. We never published anything – not that we were afraid to do so – on the contrary we had quite a few things happening in our personal lives that meant we had to put things on hold temporarily…which brings us here.

Toydetectives.com is our first foray into the world of blogging. We hope you will enjoy our journey and share with us your thoughts, knowledge and experiences.

Our hobby is our passion – collecting, buying, selling and meeting new friends along the way makes us happy!

Happy Collecting!

Bazza and Si