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My Diecast Model Car Collecting Highlights – Part 2

July 1990. I’d been studying at Polytechnic (those of a certain age will know what these are!) for 4 years undertaking a degree course in Business Studies.

On my way to lectures I used to walk past a junk shop. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary but it was the typical second hand store the like of which you don’t see much nowadays unless they’re under the guise of a “Charity Shop”. Every day I walked past I would scour the window in the faint hope that I may stumble upon a forlorn Dinky or Corgi which needed a new home. But, sadly it was never to be.

Then, on the final day of my exams in the final year of my course, I walked past the shop as usual. I glanced through the window, saw the usual things such as old dining tables, chairs, battered pictures and sorry looking pottery, and a Dinky Leyland Octopus Tanker. Hang on a minute, did I just see a Dinky Leyland Octopus Tanker. Can’t be!!! I sought of saw it and didn’t! It was a double take moment. Are my eyes seeing things? I looked again. It was there. I wasn’t imagining it.

I walked calmly into the shop and was greeted by an old lady

“Can I ‘elp you luv?” she politely asked in her broad Lancastrian accent.

“How much is that old toy lorry?” I asked, not revealing its true identity, after all I didn’t want to look like I knew what I was talking about.

“Oh that” she replied, “I think they’re quite collectable you know”.

Here goes I thought, I bet she wants about 50 quid. I’d already made a mental note that even at £20 this was a bargain.

My Dinky Octopus Tanker – not bad for £1!

“I tell you what give me a pound!”

A pound? Did she say a pound??? There was no time to loose I rummaged in my jeans pocket and gave her a pound coin. She gave me the lorry and I hurried put it in my bag, said my thanks and hastily made my way to my last exam.

I didn’t look into my bag until I was well out of eyesight of the shop. My hands were shaking as I looked at it. It was in great condition – not mint admittedly but was a cracker! My heart was thumping so much I thought it would burst out of my chest. It was one of the rare moments when you find something special, and the fact that it was a bargain made the moment sweeter!

Examining the lorry more closely I saw that there was a price sticker of top of the tanker. It said £1.50 – the lady even gave me a discount! Brilliant.

What a day! What a way to end my final day at Polytechnic.  Thankfully I passed my exams and despite the celebrations I still think the event was overshadowed by the fact that I bought a Dinky Leyland Octopus Tanker for £1!

It’s getting harder to find bargains these days. Have you found any and where they a collecting highlight? Leave a reply in the box at the bottom of the page – We’d love to hear from you!


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