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The Day I Met………… Stirling Moss!

We have recently decided to embark on a massive adventure, the wife and me.

One which will test our mental agility, as well as our physical ability and personal compatibility like never before – you guessed it – we are DECORATING!!!!

Anyway, whilst of one of her quests to clear out years of ‘accumulative junk’ as she calls it, she came across some old photographs – and to my delight, included in the pile was one of the day I met one of my sporting heroes – Sir Stirling Moss! 

Me with the man himself!!!

We attended the Coys International Historic Festival at Silverstone way back in July 2000 – no wonder I look a lot younger in the photo – it was eighteen years ago! The event celebrated fifty years of Formula 1, and all the great names were in attendance; Jackie Stewart; John Surtees; John Watson; Nigel Mansell; Ken Tyrell; Tony Brooks etc etc.

But the one person I wanted to see the most was….Stirling Moss.

My Dad was a huge petrol head and a massive fan of motor sport, and despite James Hunt and Ayrton Senna being my F1 idols, Dad always brought me up believing that Stirling Moss was the epitome of a gentleman and a racer! For years he regaled me on stories of the great man and how he could out race anybody and drive anything with a steering wheel!

Seeing Stirling Moss drive a Maserati around Silverstone was a sight to behold and will live with me for a long time! But meeting him will last even longer!

I couldn’t believe how it happened. My wife and I were walking around a quitter part of the Silverstone complex when I saw Stirling and his wife putting something in his car.

“Look…there’s Stirling Moss!” I cried.

“Why don’t you go over and say hello?” my wife said.

Quickly losing the ability to speak (as I do when I stumble across the odd famous person), my wife took charge of the situation and walked me over to the Knight of the Realm.

“Sir Stirling? she asked, “would it be possible if my husband could have his photograph taken with you?”

“Certainly”, he said.

And without hesitation he reached out to shake my hand and announced,

“Stirling Moss pleased to meet you”

I don’t remember what I said or how I said it – all I could think of was Stirling Moss is talking to me!

We stayed chatting for several minutes with Stirling and Lady Moss.  

What a Gent! What a guy!

Back home, I couldn’t stop telling everyone about my encounter – I think I made the tale last a good six months!

Dad was extremely jealous!

The photograph not only brought back some great memories, but it also got me thinking about the Stirling Moss models I’ve had / have in my collection.

One of my favourites has to be the Scalextric C552A Vanwall from the Grand Prix Classic range released in 2004. I think it’s a great looking model. The same can be said for the Scalextric C2783A MERCEDES BENZ Celebrating The 1955 Mille Miglia – another great looking model.

As far as diecast are concerned – some of my other favourites are the

These are just a few of my personal favourites….there’s a plethora of models available from many manufactures.

I haven’t even mentioned ….

….too name but a few.

There’s an enormous amount of models to choose from – I wouldn’t expect anything else though – the man is a Legend!

Which models would be among your favourites, and what have you got in your collection? Am I alone in my admiration of Stirling? Have you met the great man or any other motoring heroes? We would love to hear from you – use the comments box below!

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