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Can you identify this Mystery Tinplate Toy Plane?

Right folks, your help is required.

 What the deuce is this fun little flying mouse I’ve just purchased?

I have searched every possible combination of names for toy gyro plane and found nothing at all that looks like this.

  • Its approx. 22 cm long x 22 wide and stands 11 cm tall.
  • The body, wings and propeller are all made from thin pressed aluminium, only the front wheel supports, and wing supports are made of steel and the wheels are plastic.
  • It has a clockwork motor with winder in the bottom which drives the front propeller.
  • There presumably should be a pair of blades on top but these are missing and as I can’t find any images of one of these, I don’t know what they would look like.
  • There is a hole on the lower rear body which looks like it would have had a rear wheel, but this is also missing.
  • The red white and blue paint is all original.

So over to you, what is this and who made it?

If you have any ideas as to who made this, or what it is, we’d love to hear from you!

Please leave your ideas in the comment box below.


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