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Tri-ang Mystery1 What is it??

Tri-ang Treat

Have you seen a Tri-ang racing car like this one?

 It looks to be a pretty early model; I’m guessing from the 1930s and the body is made of thick gauge steel which is pressed and folded out of one piece.

The base is another piece and they’re held together with tabs. The wheels look to be standard Meccano wheels and one of them is stamped on the back.

The grill is one piece of pressed aluminium and it looks like it used to have a V shaped windscreen, but this is no longer there.

The base has ‘Tri-ang toys made in England’ stamped on it but nothing else.

At approx. 29 cm long it’s a substantial model but I can’t find any images of anything similar by Tri-ang, they did make a streamlined racing car but that had a sloping front as the name suggests so I’m at a loss with this one but I’m happy to stare at it for a while longer yet as I think it’s a great looking thing.

Someone must know more so please leave a comment if you do.

If you have any ideas as to who made this, or what it is, we’d love to hear from you!

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