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There’s more to diecast model car collecting than Dinky Toys!

Whilst I love a Dinky as much as the next person there are so many other makers past and present to choose from and one I think is well worth a look is Cragstan.

They were a US toy distributor that commissioned Israeli toy maker Gamda Koor to produce a series of 24 American cars called the Detroit Seniors range. They were also sold in their home market as Gamda Koor Sabra’s so you can find either name on the bottom.

All the cars are well proportioned and have good detail, their only downside being the chromed plastic base which incorporates the suspension and the plastic tangs which hold the axles can break as you can see on the front of the green Chevrolet Corvair coupe.

The Oldsmobile Toronado coupe is probably the best model in the range, it is 1 cm longer than the Corgi version and although it lacks that models pop up headlights it gains with opening doors and it also gives a better sense of the real cars curved flanks whereas the Corgi is a bit too sharp and angular.

The two Chevrolet Chevelle station wagon models are notable because although they look the same apart from the roof beacon they are in fact completely different castings as you can see when you look at the front door shut lines and the ambulance version does not have the fuel filler door in its side. The closer you look the more differences you can see.

With the different colours and liveries available there are around 50 models available including a Volkswagen Beetle and no I don’t know how that fits in to the American range but there you go.

I have just acquired the Cadillac Eldorado and it is a very smart model with very neat Eldorado badging on the front wings.

I have yet to find their Chrysler Imperial Convertible but I know I want one!

Happy hunting!

Do you agree with Baz? What other diecast manufacturers are worth looking at? We would love to know what you think – so send us your thoughts using the box at the bottom of the page!


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