You are currently viewing Check this rare 1960’s toy Batmobile we found!

Check this rare 1960’s toy Batmobile we found!

WOW! You dont see many of these around!

All Batman toy fans will know that this is a desirable toy.

Bazza and I found it buried in a box full of odds and ends on one of our auction trips. I was more made up with than Bazza coz I’m a real Batman nut!

It was made between 1966-68. It’s a plastic friction powered model made in Hong Kong by Hoover, and measures 7 inches long. It’s similar to the one made by Clifford – and I have read that there was a dispute between the two companies at the time as Hoover made some Batmobiles for Clifford but moulded the Hoover name into their bases. I know – I sound like a right Geek, but if you know anything else about this model, let us know!

A RARE piece – and very collectible.

It broke my heart to part with it!

I’m off now …going to see if my Batman outfit still fits!!



If you know any more info about the Hoover Batmobile – let us know by leaving a comment in the box at the bottom of the page and tell us what would be your dream car in diecast. We’d love to hear from you!

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