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My Diecast Model Car Collecting Highlights – Part 1

Scarborough; a very warm day; July 1974. I was seven years old.

We had family on the East Coast and we used to go and visit twice every year; religiously the first weeks in July and September.

It was either a Tuesday or a Thursday (as those we our “official” Scarborough visiting days) and we walked past a different looking shop.

It was strange in that we hadn’t seen anything like it before; a kind of second hand store which sold collectibles and militaria / army surplus.

I can still hear my dad’s words as he pointed to some old looking toys in the window,

“I had boxes full of ‘em when I was a kid!”

We ventured in.

I can still remember the sight and the smell of shop; swords; guns; uniforms ; helmets; flags; daggers; guns; and old toy car and soldiers…like one big jumble sale mixed in a light concoction of a musky odour.

Dad made a beeline for the shelves filled with old looking cars –Dinky, Corgi, and Spot-On.

We were in that shop for ages, much to Mums displeasure!

Dinky Army Ambulance (restored later) & Wounded Soldier (Cherilea)

We came away with:
Dinky XK120 Jaguar (featured image)
Dinky Army 10 Ton Lorry
Dinky Army Water Carrier
Dinky Army Ambulance with wounded soldier on stretcher

What we bought from that shop unbeknownst to us at the time would change our lives forever and became the seeds of a collection that would still be growing 43 years later.

We would love to hear about your toy collecting highlights.  Leave your comments in the box at the bottom of the page! 


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