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Steiff VW Pickup

Steiff Toy Cars

Thanks to all of the antique programs on telly these days everyone knows about Steiff and their stuffed animals, but most people would be surprised to learn that they had a go at making toy cars as well in the 1950s – 60s.

There is extraordinarily little information about them, but they made at least two very different versions of the VW Type 2.

The first model was a large wooden model of a Samba Bus with a steering wheel on the roof so presumably it was meant as a ‘ride on’ just watch out for splinters!

The second is a much more convincing 1:20 scale model of a crew cab pick-up. This again used wood but only for the base. The body is made from thick plastic with separate plastic bumpers, door handles, headlamps, and VW roundel. The wheels are very smart metal rims with hubcaps and rubber tyres and the front wheels were steerable.

Check out the wooden base!

The problem with these as you can see on mine is that the body tends to split, possibly due to the wooden base expanding. That combined with the (I imagine) high original purchase price means they are hard to find.

By the time I found my example it had clearly led a hard life over the intervening six decades having lost its front axle somewhere along the way so I temporarily fitted these Porsche wheels from my spares collection which look rather appropriate and give it a good stance.

 I think it should also have a steering wheel and a bench seat, but they are also long gone but it still looks good to me and makes an impressive addition to any shelf.

Have you got a Steiff car in your collection? If so, let us know or send us a pic – fill in the comments box at the bottom of the page. We’d love to hear from you!


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