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Yeh...Great looking Mclaren...but look closer!

Hot Wheels Creepy Packaging Error

Whilst shopping for provisions the other day I happened upon a string of Hot Wheels which they sporadically sell in my local shop.

There were two bright orange McLaren F1 models so obviously I bought them both, well you would, wouldn’t you? Upon returning home and having a closer look I noticed one of them had an unusual feature!

Now it’s not that uncommon to find a Hot Wheels with an miss matched wheel or a wonky bit of printing on it. I’ve even a few that have escaped the factory without their glazing unit in place but, this is the first time I have found one with a large black hair trapped inside the packaging!

I have yet to decide if this is a unique selling feature or just plain yucky! Either way I think it will be for sale very soon, so if you want a creepy collectible then take a closer look next time you’re in the shop.

Have you got any ‘creepy’ packaging errors, or any general errors for that matter, in your collection? 

Let us know and leave your comments in the box at the bottom of the page.

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