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Dinky Toys 57-006 Nash Rambler Classic (Image Courtesy of Vectis Auctions Ltd.)

Lesser Spotted Hong Kong Dinky

I’ve just made a rash and semi expensive purchase which is not like me at all, so in an attempt to justify my spending spree I’ll share it with you then it looks like a good reason to buy it!

This is a pretty rare model of a Rambler Classic station wagon from the very short-lived range of six models made in Hong Kong from 1965 to 1967. It’s an imposing vehicle in the non-standard Dinky scale of 1:42 as it was designed to be a Tri-ang Spot-On then ended up being made for Dinky by a company in Hong Kong and the short production run was due to that factory switching over to Hot Wheels production.

That’s that story in a very small nutshell anyway, there’s probably a lot more to it but I’ll leave that to someone else, less rambling, more Rambler!

American Motors Corporation launched this shape of Rambler Classic in 1963 and the Dinky version uses the updated 1964 model year front grill, so they were up to date with launching it.

The Spot-On origins are easy to see besides the scale they share wheels and tyres and the whole design of the base plate is common with the Spot-On Vauxhall Cresta in the pictures. Interesting the full size Rambler Classic was sold in Britain and all over Europe as it was built in Belgium by Renault (and in eight other countries around the world) and it sold reasonably well over here for an American car because it wasn’t too big and you could have it with right hand drive and with all the ones brought over by soldiers and left around American Air Force bases – they turn up on eBay more often than you might expect, I’ve been very tempted!

The Dinky model I did seal the deal on is a very nice example with only light marks to its original light green paint and both bumpers intact. It has lost its star feature unfortunately; it would have had a rear tailgate window which moved up and down but looking at how thin the sliver of plastic is that remains around the rivet on the inside then it’s no wonder it has disappeared.

Now over to you to solve a mystery for me, there is no rear seat in my car, yet it has holes inside that look like it should have a folding seat back. I have looked at all the pictures on the net and just can’t see whether any others have one or not so was it going to be a feature that was cut at the last minute to save money or what?


If you have one, please let us know or send a picture or it will continue to bug me!

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