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Tekno Bargain

I’m a big fan of the models produced by Danish firm Tekno especially the older models as they have a quality feel with a bit more detail than their contemporaries and they cover the more exotic European vehicles that we only saw on TV such as the Ford Taunus van and pickup both of which Tekno produced.

 It’s a common complaint today that all new cars look the same, but it applied to German vans in the 1950s and 60s too, from any angle except the front it’s not so easy to tell a Taunus from a Volkswagen or a Tempo as they scurry by hunched over their little tucked in wheels.

The earlier Tekno Taunus like this pickup were made in an unusual sandwich construction with the body made of three different sections delineated by the different colours on this one. Perhaps this proved to be too expensive as later Tekno launched a new version in a larger scale but with conventional body on base construction like most other diecast models.

Some of the rarer liveries can sell for three figures but I was able to purchase this one for under £20 recently and I think it’s a real bargain at that with no damage and most of its original transfers intact.

The later bigger models have some better features like jewel headlamps and the rather elaborate cast wheels but the older ones have a little more charm and are more colourful.

Have you found any bargains lately?

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