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Your Dream Car…In Diecast

I bet there is a car you have always wanted to own but just isn’t practical to own and use, or maybe it’s too rare to find or pay for, but you could always find a small version of it to keep you going.

There will probably be a much better selection of colours and prices to choose from anyway.

If you hanker after a rare motor such as that 1970s design icon the Matra Rancho then you will have to settle for a small one as it’s now a seriously endangered species but you are spoiled for choice by Altaya, Bburago, Corgi, Matchbox, Siku and Solido.

Starting with the smallest the Corgi Juniors version features the split opening tailgate and comes in a great variety of colours and with accessories such as surfboards on the roof and trailers. 

Going slightly bigger you have the Matchbox offering which is a much sturdier model but only features the lower opening tailgate. This also comes in many colours and with trailers. 

The Siku version is incrementally bigger again and not only features both opening tailgates but also gives you the Rancho’s signature scuttle mounted spot lamps.

In 1:43 scale you can choose from Solido and Altaya, the Solido version have a simple charm and still have the opening tailgate. The Altaya versions have a much greater detail. Matchbox and Corgi come back with bigger tougher Super Kings and 1:36 versions which both come in many colours and liveries.

If that’s just not big enough for you then seek out a whopping Joustra radio control model which also tows its own working radio control speed boat ! At least it should, my boat won’t work but the Rancho still trundles noisily around quickly draining its vast array of batteries.

If you still want a full size version then you will have to do some serious searching as there are currently only 3 on the UK roads! A front wheel drive SUV was too new-fangled an idea for the 1970s but now it’s one of the biggest growing market sectors and Land Rover clearly appreciated it as they clearly borrowed the styling for the original Discovery so the Rancho definitely deserves its plethora of model tributes.

And if you find my old one A324FMX please give it a good home. 

Leave a reply in the box at the bottom of the page and tell us what would be your dream car in diecast. We’d love to hear from you!


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